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    Re: Review of Haunted Mansion Holiday on Blu-ray DVD

    No they are not my screen mode changes when they play.

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    Re: Review of Haunted Mansion Holiday on Blu-ray DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by GothicManor View Post
    Actually if you check the Official Disneyland calendar online it says the Mansion will be closed from sept 2nd thru sept 25 and HMH OPENS sept 26 thru Jan

    So I am right.
    I would hardly call Sept 25th mid-September. And some years it begins after that, it just all depends on how the weekends line up. Just like how Halloween Time lasts until the 2nd technically because that's the end of the Halloween weekend.

    Now, if only they would stick to what they say and actually have it remain Halloween Time, but they always begin decorating NOS and other parts of the park for Christmas in the last week of October. If you say you are going to theme the park to Halloween for a certain amount of time, do it. At least until Halloween itself. I wish they would start putting up Easter decortations on Dec 20th to give those Christmasers a taste of their own medicine.

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    Re: Review of Haunted Mansion Holiday on Blu-ray DVD

    One thing factually wrong on the DVD is about the Wallpaper design being Claude Coates, but other than that, all of them are indeed correct.

    As for the presents in the mirrors, having the worklights on would indeed kill the effect, but you have the entire walkthrough sans guests or cast members. If suddenly at the end you had guests riding with their presents, it would look a bit odd, plus, you would have a possible shot of the camera operator.

    And I am not sure if it was said on this post or not, but the doombuggies are NOT moving. It's a big no-no to have them operating with someone walking around the track, AND, the doombuggies would stop the camera operator would take another step anyway. SafeD begins with me!

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