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    Re: Would you be okay with current Tomorrowland plus subs?

    Bumping an old thread...I'd hate the Little Green Men Saucers. Eww. Cartoonization.

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    Re: Would you be okay with current Tomorrowland plus subs?

    I just can't help but hate on Innoventions and HISTA. At this point, anything would make for a better replacement of either attraction. Leveling them and planting a lawn in their respective areas would be preferable. At least I could roll around in the soft green grass and imagine that something cool was there.

    I think the subs are going to be far more exciting and full of creative/hi-tech thrills than anyone is anticipating.
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    Re: Would you be okay with current Tomorrowland plus subs?

    The only things that "seem" permanent for the time-being are:
    * Space Mountain
    * Buzz Lightyear
    * Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

    Nothing else in the land is in a "Oh, it's just fine for the next 10 years" status. Everyone else has listed the attractions.

    And not just individual attractions except for those 3 three ......

    But lets not forget .. all this grafting of one minor cosmetic change after another "87", "98", "05" .. are all laid over the 1967 infrastructure - which was the last major reconstruction the land received.

    The overall look of the land will have to be changed eventually.

    Don't think the (VERY--4-decades--OLD) 1967 infrustructure is the "WAY OF THE FUTURE". It all needs to go eventually.

    2 times the land was slated to be a "double-decker" land. First when Walt was envisioning a new land back in 1965 when he got the plan going. And again in the late 80s for "TL:2055".

    There is SO much the land will need over time.

    * Buzz is an answer to the vacated "Rocket Rods" attraction fiasco.
    * Space Mountain was due for a major rehab - It's here to stay for decades.
    * And now the 1959 Submarine Voyage will again run with "21st Century" *snazz*.

    This is only a start .. and the "2005" paint job for the 50th .. is just that: A paint job for the 50th.


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