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    Lightbulb Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    Country Bear Revue at California Adventure's Golden State
    Henry- The leader of the country bears and all their mayhem. Henry is a welcoming and friendly brown
    bear that wears a grey top hat and a big bow tie. He also plays guitar.
    Liver Lips McGrowl- A funny looking brown bear with giant puckered lips. He plays the guitar and
    stands in front of a painting of Grizzly Peak.
    Wendell- A golden brown bear who holds a large camera. He wears Mickey Mouse ears and tourist
    clothing, with maps of Disneylandand and California Adventure in his front pocket.
    Teddi Barra- A small female brown bear that descends from a hole in the ceiling on a swing which is
    decorated with golden poppies. She wears a blue hat as well as a pink boa around her neck.
    Ernest- A fiddle playing brown bear who wears a derby and red polka-dot bowtie around his neck. A
    painting of a picnic rests behind him.
    Terrence- A light grey black bear that wears a snorkeling mask and swim trunks while playing a
    guitar, where he is accompanied by his octopus girlfriend Delores. A California beach at sunset sits
    behind him, complete with Paradise Pier in the far background.
    Trixie- A giant brown bear that is dressed like a depressed circus clown. She holds a glass of wine
    and a blue handkerchief, there is also a picnic basket next to the tree stump she sits on. Several
    willow trees sit behind her.
    Big Al- An extremely fat black bear that wears a tan hat and a red vest, he is somewhat drunk as he
    constantly hiccups and has several Napa Valley Wine Bottles littered around his stage. He plays a
    broken guitar and sings depressing songs. A gloomy forest of imposing trees with haunting faces sit
    behind him.
    The Sun Bonnet Trio- Three small brown bears Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah that sing to piano music
    provided by the piano-playing Gomer, Bunny is in a one piece bathing suit with sun glasses, Bubbles
    is in a sailor dress, and Beulah is in a blue dress with a blue bonnet. At first a snowy forest with
    a frozen moose sits behind them until Rufus changes it to a sunny beach covered with the country
    bears performing various summer activities.
    Gomer- A mute bear that plays a honky tonk piano with a honey comb on it. He wears a collar with a
    blue tie.
    The Five Bear Rugs- Five large and small brown and black bears playing like and old fashioned jug
    band. Which are the next five bears listed below. A redwood forest with a rapid river running through
    it rests behind them. A small campfire with a pot over it rests in between Fred and Ted.
    Zeke- The leader of the five bear rugs, Zeke plays a banjo and taps on a dishpan. He is a black bear
    with glasses and a grey top hat.
    Zeb- A brown bear with a light brown stomach. He plays the fiddle and wears a bandanna around his
    neck with a miner's hat on his head.
    Ted- A thin brown bear that blows into a cornjug and plays a washboard as well, his eyes are covered
    by a ratty old coonskin hat.
    Fred- The biggest of the five bears that plays a tiny mouthharp with his trademark falling blue
    overalls and tie.
    Tennessee- A blue bear that plays the thang and wears a plad shirt with a lit up miner's helmet.
    Baby Oscar- The smallest bear in the entire show, that sits on the same platform as the Five Bear
    Rugs. He is dressed as a cub scout and holds a teddy bear, his father is Zeb.
    Rufus- The dumb and tired brown bear that is heard working the lights in the back of the theater.
    Other Animals
    Buff- A deep voiced buffalo head mounted on the wall.
    Max- The mounted head of a stag that is to the left hand side of Buff.
    Melvin- A dopey moose head to the right hand side of Buff, he is the only head to wear anything as
    he wears a cowboy hat, a straw hat, and a fishing hat.
    Fluffy- A savage coyote that owns the theater and threatens to evict the bears if they don't put on
    a good show. He wears a vampire cape and a top hat to show that he is the evil villain. At the end
    of the show when he tells the bears what a good show they did he wears a blue sailor suit with a
    hat. He is the only character to have a private box in the show which is located on the left side
    The Songs
    "The Great Outdoors"- The Five Bear Rugs and Henry (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "Tears Will Be the Chaser For My Wine"- Trixie (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "Pianjo"- Gomer (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "On the Road Again"- Wendell (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "My Woman Ain't Pretty (But She Don't Sware None)"- Liver Lips McGrowl (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "Two Different Worlds"- Terrence (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "Ghost Riders in the Sky"- The Five Bear Rugs (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "Heart, We Did All That We Could"- Teddi Barra (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "If Ya Can't Bite, Don't Growl"- Ernest (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "Singing in the Rain"- Henry (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "California Bears"- The Sun Bonnets, Gomer, Max, Buff, and Melvin (Country Bear Vacation Hoedown)
    "Blood on the Saddle"- Big Al (Country Bear Jamboree)
    "California, Here I Come"- Entire Cast (Minus Trixie, Buff, Max, Melvin, and Ernest) (Neither show)
    "Come Again"- Henry, Buff, Max, and Melvin (Country Bear Jamboree)
    (Offstage sounds of the bears talking and warming up.)
    Zeke: Hey Rufus, wake up!
    Rufus: Huh?
    Zeke: It's showtime.
    Rufus: Oh. (He's heard running around backstage and breathing heavily as he rushes to turn on the
    stage lights.)
    Zeke: Alright! One! Two! Three!
    (curtain opens.)
    If you've just been wishin'
    'bout goin' fishin',
    and you're still on the shore.
    Grab your camping gear,
    and meet us right here,
    we got all kinds of fun in store.
    It's time for a vacation,
    for some rest and relaxation.
    Forget your cares, and join us bears,
    in the great outdoors.
    Five Bear Rugs:
    Ain't nothing like the great outdoors to ease your soul.
    Ain't nothing like the great outdoors to keep you from growing old.
    If your mind's been hazy and you're feeling lazy, and down on all fours,
    then join us bears and suck up some air in the great outdoors.
    Yeeha! (Henry appears on stage four)
    Henry: Welcome to the Country Bear Revue, it's gonna be one of our best hoedowns yet! And I'm a
    rarin' to go! How about you boys?
    Max: Just lead the way, Henry!
    Buff: Alright, (Melvin is snoring and asleep) Melvin!
    Max: Wake up!
    Melvin: Huh?
    Buff: The way you're always hibernatin' you must be part bear.
    Melvin: Aw, heck. I'm only part moose as it is.
    Here we go!
    Us bears we do love nature,
    and tramping through the woods.
    Us bears we do love fishing every hour if we could.
    Us bears we do love singing, in country harmony.
    And if y'all won't join us, we'll chase you up a tree!
    Now that's real country, boys! (The Five Bears return backstage)
    Henry: Howdy folks, I am Henry the ringmaster of the Country Bear Revue here at Disney's California
    Adventure, and let me tell you it is great to be performing here! Today we have all put together a
    wonderful little country-western musical revue celebrating the California's culture and spirit. So
    to begin here is a special treat out of Tampa, a little bit of ever loving cuddlesome fluff, our
    very own Trixie! (Stage five opens right next to Henry showing Trixie)
    Trixie: Tears will be the chaser for your wine.
    After you leave this love of mine.
    Bright lights and taverns,
    That's where you'll spend your time,
    and tears will be the chaser for your wine.
    Henry: Beautiful, Beautiful. That was a mighty big song Trixie!
    Trixie: Oh thank you Henry! (Goes backstage)
    (After the song ends, the heads on the wall rejoin the show with a bit of conversation)
    Buff: That sure ain't all that's big.
    Max: Well, you're no light weight yourself Buff!
    Henry: Boys, boys, watch your manners...
    Melvin: Yeah, if you can't say something nice...err...
    Henry: Boys, boys, okay now boys if you just stop carrying on like, we just might dedicate this
    next song to you all. And we so dedicate, hit it Gomer! (Gomer rises from stage three playing the
    opening from "Pianjo." Suddenly there is a blast of red smoke from the private box across from the
    three mounted heads. Fluffy the Coyote appears from the fog growling angrily and drooling a bit.
    Gomer looks up and pauses the music)
    Henry: Oh hello there Mr. Fluffy sir, you came down to see the show?
    Fluffy: I had no choice to come see it, after all I own this theater, I control all of your careers.
    Henry: Indeed you do, say Gomer why don't you go back to sleep? (Gomer shakes his head and goes back
    underneath the stage)
    Fluffy: Henry, you don't know how many complaints I have received about your little musical revue.
    Henry: Complaints, why everyone loves us, or at least we think that.
    Fluffy: Well that's not what visitors here think, I swear put on a good show or else you guys are
    out of show business. (He remains there for the rest of the show watching it like a hawk)
    Henry: Well if you say so sir. Hey Wendell (Wendell starts rising from the main stage)
    Wendell: Ya?
    Henry: Your'e up! (Goes backstage)
    Wendell: Okay, uh (He is in the Disney tourist clothing while holding a camera) hey Rufus!
    Rufus: Huh?
    Wendell: Fire up that thar picture machine!
    Rufus: Oh.(Rufus is heard struggling backstage, followed by a crash. A picture of Wendell and his
    family come up on the screen, with their heads cut out of the picture.)
    Max: Oh, no!
    Buff: Not Wendell's vacation slides again!
    Melvin: I'm going back to sleep.
    (Slide changes and shows Wendell in front of his car.)
    On the road again.
    I can't wait to get on the road again.
    (Another shot of the car piled with stuff for vacation.)
    The life I love is making music with my friends.
    (The car in the picture gets a flat tire right as it's leaving.)
    I can't wait to get on the road again.
    (The family watches the car getting towed away.)
    On the road again.
    (Wendell is shown back in the car with one of his kids in the front seat.)
    Goin' places that I've never been.
    (The family is shown at Old Faithful geyser.)
    And seein' things that I might never see again.
    (The car radiator is now steaming like the geyser.)
    I can't wait to get on the road again.
    (Another picture of the car getting towed away.)
    On the road again.
    (Wendell is again shown in the car with a crankier kid in the front seat.)
    Like a band of gypsies, we go down the highway.
    (Rufus is heard struggling as a picture of a picnic is projected upside down, followed by a slide
    that says "One Moment Please".)
    We're the best of friends.
    (The picnic photo is projected the correct way.)
    Insisting that the world be turnin' our way.
    (Another shot from the picnic is shown, with Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore pointing to a sign saying
    "Do Not Feed the Bears".)
    And our way,
    is on the road again
    (Wendell's wife and son are in front of the Statue of Liberty, who looks like a bear.)
    I can't wait to get on the road again.
    (Wendell is shown in front of a Mt. Rushmore consisting of bears.)
    The life I love is making music with my friends.
    (The family is shown by the Grand Canyon.)
    I can't wait to get on the road again.
    (The picture reveals they were looking at a billboard for the Grand Canyon as their car gets towed
    away again.)
    Say cheese!
    (A picture of the audience is shown, along with Mac, Buff and Melvin on the wall, and Fluffy in his
    private box)
    Female Voice: There's no flash photography allowed during the performance. And that goes for
    everybody, Wendell!
    Wendell: Sorry.
    Fluffy: Did I miss something, was that even a song?
    (He goes back down as the pictures disappear, Liver Lips appears on stage four)
    Liver Lips: I got a woman, she's got me.
    Whatever we do, we both agree
    She ain't purty, but I ain't too.
    The things we like are the things we do.
    My woman ain't purty, but she don't swear none.
    She's kinda heavy, don't weigh a ton.
    She's my woman, through and through
    I love her only cause my heart is true. (He goes backstage)
    Fluffy: Monkey faced bears singing horrible songs? No wonder Iv'e got complaints.
    (Terrence appears with Delores on stage two)
    Fluffy: What the? Oh that defies so many laws of nature.
    Terrence: Don't listen to him Delores what we have is special.
    Two different worlds.
    We live in two different worlds.
    Oh, we've been told that a love like ours
    Could never be.
    (Whispers to Delores as she swoons.)
    Hey! Quit squeezin'!
    When will they learn-
    That a heart doesn't draw lines.
    Nothing matters if I am yours,
    and you are mine.
    (To Delores as she swoons.)
    Aw, come on! Let go!
    Two different worlds.
    We live in two different worlds.
    But we will show them,
    as we swim together in the sun.
    (Delores swoons.)
    That our two different worlds are one.
    Ow! This just ain't workin' out, Delores! (They disappear and the five bear rugs come out hid under
    the shadow of a black light)
    Zeb: Hey Zeke, little Oscar here wants a story.
    Zeke: A real, scary story?
    Oscar: Uh huh.
    Zeke: Alright then.
    (Clears throat and continues.)
    An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day.
    Tennessee: Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way.
    Zeb: When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed cows he saw.
    Five Bear Rugs:
    A-plowing through the ragged sky and up the cloudy draw.
    Yippie yi ayyyy.
    Yippie yi ooooh.
    Ghost Riders in the sky.
    Their brands were still on fire,
    their hooves were made of steel.
    Their horns were black and shiny,
    and their hot breath he could feel.
    A bolt of fear went through him.
    as they thundered through the sky.
    Five Bear Rugs:
    For he saw the Riders coming hard,
    and he heard their mournful cry.
    Yippie yi ayyyy.
    Yippie yi ooooh.
    Ghost Riders in the sky. (They return backstage)
    Fluffy: That scared me stiff, scared me stiff so bad that I realized that I hired a bunch of dumb
    bears. (Henry appears on stage two with the guitar)
    Henry: My my. Now there she is, that delightful, delicate, dedicated dimple darling of the Dakotas.
    The last of the big time swingers. Swinging Teddi Berra! Swing it Teddi!
    (As a swing decends from the ceiling, a bear resembling Mae West swings back
    and forth, and sings. While she does, Henry, and the heads on the wall,
    make comments in awe of her beauty)
    Max: Wowwee, here she comes...
    Teddi: Well there he goes,
    he hardly knows the heart he's breaking.
    Henry: Lovely, lovely!
    Teddi:I talked to him,
    but I don't think he understood.
    Buff: Oh sing it gal.
    Teddi: Oh just forget about the plans
    that we were making.
    Henry: My my.
    Teddi: Heart we did all that we could.
    (Teddi then teases all the other bears, especially Henry in a Mae West accent,
    as her swing ascends back into the ceiling)
    Teddi: You all come up and see me some time, ya hear?!
    Henry: Yeah, as soon as I find a ladder, I'll be right up! Uh-huh. (Ernest appears on stage one)
    Ernest: One night I left the wife at home and went out with the boys
    I was acting like a Don Juan and making a lot of noise
    Henry: You old lover boy!
    Ernest: A gogo girl called my hand, I said,
    "I can't I'm a married man"
    She said if you ain't a gonna steal, you better not prowl.
    "He's a born loser!"
    Don't dosido with a gogo, if you can't bite don't growl.
    If you can't bite don't growl.
    (Ernest goes away and Henry stays)
    Henry: I'm singing in the rain
    Just singing in the rain
    Fluffy: BORING!
    Henry: Huh?
    Fluffy: I said your song is BORING!
    Henry: Well I'm sorry Mr. Fluffy sir, we are trying are best to please you and all you do is fuss
    and complain!
    Henry: A trio? Well if you say so.
    (As Gomer accompanies him on the piano)
    Ah, what could be nicer than a day at the beach? The tropical sun dancing on the silvery waves.
    And the-hey! What is this? Rufus! (The curtain backdrop shows a winter scene with a snow-covered
    Rufus (Offstage): Huh?
    Henry: Get on down here and change this thing!
    Rufus (Offstage): Oh. (Noise backstage as Rufus rushes to fix the scenery.)
    Henry (Laughs): Sorry folks. (Whispers) Gomer! Just play something! Anything! (Gomer plays
    "Jingle Bells".) Anything but that. You ready yet, Rufus?
    (Rufus sounds panic stricken backstage as he changes the curtain to be a summer postcard.) Gomer?
    (Laughs) Ladies and gentlemen, Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah.
    The Sun Bonnets:
    Well east coast bears are hip,
    I really dig those styles they wear.
    And the southern bears with the way they talk.
    Melvin, Buff and Max: They knock me out when I'm down there.
    The Sun Bonnets:
    The Midwest farmer's daughter really makes you feel alright.
    And the northern bears with the way they kiss.
    Melvin, Buff and Max: They keep their boyfriends warm at night.
    The Sun Bonnets:
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    I wish they all could be California.
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    The west coast has the sunshine,
    And the bears all get so tan.
    Melvin, Buff and Max: I dig a French bikini on Hawaiian dolls.
    The Sun Bonnets:
    And a palm tree in the sand.
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    I wish they all could be California.
    I wish they all could be California bears.
    California bears!
    (They all go back under the stage and even Henry disappears into a blackout, an out of tune guitar
    is heard strumming dimly. Big Al appears on stage one)
    Big Al: There was
    Blood on the saddle.
    Blood on the reigns.
    And a great big puddle of
    Blood on the ground. Hee hee! *hic* (blackout)
    Fluffy: Honestly I have no clue what happened. That was the single most greatest thing I have seen in
    my life, that was hilarious! (Laughs and disappears from his box)
    Henry: (Appears on stage five, no guitar) Well folks you have been a great audience today and I just
    want to say, it is great being here at Disney's California Adventure! Now before you go us bears
    have one more song for you and.......
    Fluffy: Wait!
    Henry: Huh? (Fluffy appears in his box again, wearing a blue sailor suit, smiling, and holding a
    giant lollipop) Sir? Why, what happened to you?
    Fluffy: I changed Henry, your show, why that giant bear changed my life and point of view on this
    whole show! Why you bruins can stay as long as you'd like!
    Henry: Why thank you sir, thank you very much! Sir it would be our honor if you'd join us in the
    grand finale!
    Fluffy: Why I would be honored to join you (All the bears minus Trixie and Ernest come out)
    Zeke: One, two, three......
    All: When the wintry winds starts blowing
    And the snow is starting in the Fall
    Then my eyes went westward knowing
    Thatís the place that I love best of all
    California Iíve been blue
    Since Iíve been away from you
    I canít wait Ďtill I get blowing
    Even now Iím starting in a call
    California, Here I Come (yeaaaaaah!)
    Right back where I started from
    where bowers of flowers
    bloom in the spring
    each morning at dawning
    birdies sing at everything
    a sunkissed miss said, ďDonít be late!Ē
    thatís why I can hardly wait (come on! come on!)
    open up (open up! open up!) that golden gate
    California, Here I Come
    California, Here I Come
    California, Here I Cooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (All the bears disappear except for Henry, and Big Al who appears to be confused)
    Henry: Well folks enjoy the rest of your day at Disney's California Adventure, please gather all
    your personal belongings and
    Big Al: California, Here I Come (strums guitar).
    Henry: Wha?
    Big Al: California, Here I Come (strums guitar).
    Henry: Now you already had your chance Al!
    Big Al: California, Here I Come (strums guitar).
    Henry: AL!!!
    Big Al: Eh, huh?
    Henry: Show's over big guy.
    Big Al: Oh, he he, *hic*! (Disappears)
    Henry: Well goodbye folks gather up your belongings and young cubs and exit to your right, thanks
    for coming! Oh and please do come again! Help me out boys! (The doors underneath the three heads
    open as Henry and the heads sing us one last song as we exit)
    Henry: We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    That you'll drop in and see us now and then.
    We've done our very best to please
    With just the bear necessities
    We hope that you'll be comin' back again.
    Heads and Henry: Come again, come again.
    Melvin: The welcome mat is always out,
    'Cause seein' you is fun!
    Buff and Max: We hope that you'll be comin' back again.
    That you'll drop in to see us now and then.

    Max: We've had such fun, we're going to cry.

    Buff: We just can't bear to say goodbye.

    All: We hope that you'll be coming back again.
    Max: Don't forget to gather your belongings...
    Melvin: And your husbands too.
    Max: It's been good to have you.
    Buff: So long folks.
    Henry: You all come back ya hear?
    (We exit out of the theater underneath the heads, we could leave during the song if we want. After
    the final song Henry's curtain closes and the three heads freeze again)
    Ok so that was my show script of California Adventure's Country Bear Revue. Now here is a
    detailed description of the show's waiting area. Inside the waiting area are appropriately shaped
    doors to the bears' dressing rooms (including a short and stout one for Big Al), and pictures and
    descriptions of the performers are hung up on the walls. Behind a glass case are "photographs and
    paintings of the various bears traveling across California such as Teddi Barra and Trixie on the
    streets of Hollywood, Henry and Wendell at Disneyland, the Sun Bonnet Trio at the beach, etc.
    I have also come up with a subsection of the Golden State area to replace "a bug's land" and welcome
    the Country Bear Revue and some other smaller scaler attractions. It's Tough to be a Bug will just
    become a part of the Golden State and the once kiddie area of "a bug's land" will become the dense
    pine and redwood forest of "Camp Grizzly." Camp Grizzly in a way will be a sort of modern day version
    of the extinct Bear Country land which used to reside where Critter Country is today at Disneyland.
    The whole sub-land will have a down home California campground feel, complete with log cabins, ratty
    old tents, and old trailers. The centerpiece of this new area will be the Country Bear Revue of course
    and several smaller scale attractions will accompany it, including a trackless "Pooh's Honey Hunt"
    style attraction (minus the Pooh characters), a small bumper boat style attraction titled, "Big Al's
    Bumper Boats," and a few other things will also be found in this area. Give me some suggestions if
    any of you have any. Here's some additional information, Humphrey the Bear and Ranger Audubon Woodlore
    are the mascots of the area, Camp Grizzly will have more detail then the rest of California Adventure
    and will have an additional entrance to Cars Land. Here is a description of the wooden sign that sits
    outside of Camp Grizzly, some of you Disneyland purists should recognize it:


    If any of you recognized it, it was the old entrance to Bear Country sign. Other sights in the camp
    are several R.V.s and trailers sitting around, some trailers ripped open and robbed by hungry bears,
    Country Bear Revue is held in a large log cabin titled "Grizzly Hall." Rufus can be heard snoring
    from his dressing room as Big Al is also heard tuning his guitar and singing the song he sang in the
    Country Bear Vacation Hoedown. Theater owner Fluffy's shadow is seen in the very top floor of Grizzly
    Hall, pacing back and forth. Down the way from Grizzly Hall are the tents, trailers, and R.V.s from
    earlier and the smaller scale attractions, as well as several log cabins where we find the gift shops
    and restaurants listed below. Posters warning us of bears and forest fires appear posted on the cabin
    windows. A bathroom disguised as "Baths 5 Cents" which originated in Bear Country also appears here.
    The last building is the Ranger Station where we see the shadow of Ranger Woodlore talking on the
    phone with Donald Duck who is complaining about a bear that raided his tent. Here is a script of
    Woodlore and Donald Duck's conversation:
    Woodlore: "Please Mr. Duck try to understand, this is Camp Grizzly, bears are common critters in these
    Donald: Waaaaaa! You don't understand bub, this bear was dressed as a ranger and he grumbled a few
    noises that sounded like a horrible human impersination!
    Woodlore: Oh I know who your'e talking about, did the bear have a big nose and light brown fur?
    Donald: Ya, light brown fur, and a big black nose!
    Woodlore: (Whispers to himself) Humphrey. (Talks normally again) Well Mr. Duck next time you come
    out here I'll be sure to tell that bear to stay away from your tent!
    Donald: That's not good enough! That bear needs to be captured, locked up, and thrown into a zoo!
    Woodlore: Now Mr. Duck this is a national park and wildlife reservation. It is rare we lock up one
    of our valued residents in a zoo.
    Donald: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That's it I am never coming to Camp Grizzly again! Phooey!
    Woodlore: Ok then Mr. Duck, I guess we wont be seeing you at the 100th annual Camp Grizzly fishing
    festival, after all it is California's largest population of fish in one spot at one time!
    Donald: Ah well phooey! Wait a minute, did you say 100th annual Camp Grizzly Fishing Festival?
    Woodlore: Yes sir, I did say that!
    Donald: Well then never mind, you tell that bear to avoid my camp and sign me up for the festival! Oh
    boy! Yes sir!"
    Golden State Attractions and Entertainment
    Condor Flats
    1. Soarin' Over California
    Grand Californian Forest (Renamed Grizzly Peak Recreation Area)
    1. Grizzly River Run
    2. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
    The Bay Area
    There will be no attractions here since Golden Dreams will become Paradise Pier's Little Mermaid ride.
    Bountiful Valley Farm
    1. It's Tough to be a Bug
    Pacific Wharf
    There are no attractions yet, I am thinking of one.
    Camp Grizzly
    1. Country Bear Revue
    2. Big Al's Bumper Boats
    3. Humphrey Bear's Picnic Spin
    Shops and Dining
    P.T. Flea Market- Bountiful Valley Farm
    Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill- Pacific Wharf
    Fly 'N' Buy- Condor Flats
    Lucky Fortune Cookery- Pacific Wharf
    Pacific Wharf Cafe- Pacific Wharf
    Rita's Baja Blenders- Pacific Wharf/Grand Californian Forest area
    Rushin' River Outfitters- Grand Californian Forest
    Taste Pilots' Grill- Condor Flats
    The Vineyard Room- Golden Vine Winery
    Wine Country Trattoria- Golden Vine Winery
    Country Bear Bandwagon- Camp Grizzly
    Ranger Woodlore's Anti-Bear Food Mart- Camp Grizzly
    Camp Grizzly Camping Supply and Cargo Co.- Camp Grizzly
    So what do you all think? This expensive new sub-area should bring crowds flocking in to see the old
    Country Bears perform in California once again. I will post a map of the new area later. Also the
    new attraction Humprhey Bear's Picnic Spin is a trackless ride (a la Pooh's Honey Hunt) where guests
    follow the tale of hungry Humprhey Bear as he drives a park ranger's jeep in search of some lunch. But
    the ride gets chaotic when Humprhey invades Donald Duck's Camp and is chased by the mad duck! This
    all new dark ride, the fourth at California Adventure (Monsters Inc., Toy Story Midway Mania, Voyage
    of the Little Mermaid) will use audio animatronics, screen technology which is used in other rides
    such as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and The Seas With Nemo and Friends. I will post a ridethrough
    in this thread later on. So please do give me suggestions if you have any, and please tell me what
    you all think! If this is built in the future however, Disney will decide to go in there and make it
    Camp Pixar or something and have the Army Man Boot Camp, and replace Humphrey Bear's Picnic Spin with
    Pooh's Honey Hunt, and Country Bear Revue will be replaced by Festival of the Lion King knowing the
    fact that Disney likes to take classic attractions and turn them into something that brings in cash.
    Oh well, well please let me know what you think guys!
    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    Holy..... moley.... That is one of THE most extensive and complex posts I have ever seen.

    The idea sounds reaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyy awesome! It would be absolutely spectacular to see the Country Bears back at the parks! The script you wrote out is pretty darn good, too. Excellent work! It brought back lots of memories of Big Al, Henry, and Buff, Max and Melvin. Way to go! :oD I am fully for this great idea in the newly designed DCA. I believe it could fit in very well in the woodsy area of the park. Now I really want this to happen! lol.

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    Thanks! The show isn't all that original though, I took songs from the original show and the vacation hoedown to create well a musical revue. Anyhow thanks again!
    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    Ye Gods do I love this idea!! They keep trying desperately to shove old Disney into DCA to increase the draw, this would be right up their alley.... I wish, I wish, I wish

    I raise my Kitties right.... they only watch the finest shows.

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    That's intense! Where would you put Camp Grizzly and the Country Bear Revue? I don't think you posted that. How about that map??

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    That's pretty neat. But I rather prefer to have only the Vacation Hoedown. But other things including the conversation with Ranger Woodlore and Donald Duck is a very interesting idea. And who knows, we might get a meet'n'greet area for Ranger Woodlore and Humphrey the Bear. And as for Toontown at Disneyland, we need Horace Horsecollar and Clarice the Chipmunk.

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area

    Thanks guys! Camp Grizzly I think will either replace a bug's land or the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, if it is the challenge trail only Country Bear Revue and Humphrey's Picnic Spin will go there if not the big fancy one will take over a bug's land.
    "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

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    Re: Country Bear Revue at DCA! Show script and sub area


    What a great re-use of material to bring back a favorite and add new content to fit a different park area.

    Really great idea. I hope the powers that be stumble across this post!

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