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    Carpet in the dream home

    This probably sounds a little crazy, but the carpet inside the dream home is awesome! Does anyone happen to know the type or the manufacturer?

    I'm sure I could go to the source, but what's the fun in opinions if I do that?

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    Re: Carpet in the dream home

    I'm pretty sure it's custom made, but I could be wrong.

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    Re: Carpet in the dream home

    I haven't been there, do you mean the rug or is the rock looking stuff carpet too? It kind of looks like linoleum, very cool looking either way

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    Re: Carpet in the dream home

    I asked a lady CM the same thing and I put it down on my phone.

    I like the picture, it reminds me of when I sat down in the chair (facing the way we are looking at) and I was changing the channel and looking through all the recorded shows; like table tennis for Olympics, Judge Judy, Little League Baseball, and ESPN. The lady CM was just sitting in the other chair and told me I could change the channel. She was there sitting for over an hour, seriously. She gets paid like what, $8 an hour? Just to sit down and tell people the exit is upstairs and answer random questions like mine of the flooring. Lol.

    I'll find my phone and look at what I wrote down then come back. Someone will probably beet me to it.

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