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    Jedi training acadamy

    Hi everyone.

    We are going to DL in November and I have two young boys who are mad Star Wars fans.
    According to Disney's October schedule , it doesnt seem to be on anymore.
    Can you tell me if it will be on mid November or will we miss out ?

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    Re: Jedi training acadamy

    While I can't say for certain and perhaps a CM around here would know better - but it appears to me that the calendar isn't complete yet. If you look at the October calendar, it doesn't have a lot of things listed yet. It seems that September 28 is the cutoff. I'd suggest doing what I'm guessing you already are doing - keep an eye on that calendar.
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    Re: Jedi training acadamy

    Yeah, it will still be performing. Disney doesn't put everything on the calender until the time approaches closer.

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