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    Re: What makes Peter Pan's line so long?

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Manning View Post
    Well, Dumbo ain't that unique. Seeing as Disney also has Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Triceratops Spin, & Astro Oribitor.
    The carpets and tricesatops are in FLORIDA which isn't Disneyland... I'll give you Astro but Dumbo is the only thing nearby that compares to Pan in the sense that it flies. But that is where the comparison ends because Pan offers different scenery and a track that allows you more movement then a simple circle.
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    Re: What makes Peter Pan's line so long?

    Pan is clearly the most popular ride in Fantasyland, for two reasons: the ride vehicles are suspended, and the "flying over London" scene is one of the most beautiful dark ride set pieces in all of Disneyland.
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