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    Re: Disneyland with an eyepatch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Datameister View Post
    I'm sure they allow eyepatches, and the patched eye's night vision would indeed temporarily increase in a very noticeable way. You'd lose your depth perception, though. Not the end of the world, but depth perception is a nice thing to have. Just don't do this for Space Mountain unless you want a better view of the track and scaffolding and so forth.
    I think you better try this next time you go to DL Data...

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    Re: Disneyland with an eyepatch?

    Indeed! Perhaps I'll use it on the Haunted Mansion so I can get a better look at some of the quasi-backstage areas that are hidden in the dark.

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    Re: Disneyland with an eyepatch?

    I've toured the park with an eyepatch before, although it was the medical kind not the cosmetic kind.
    I had my accident about a year ago and needless to say, it sucked bigtime. but my friends thought they would cheer me up by taking me to disneyland, and how could I say no? it is true however what they say about depth-perception loss, I darn near stumbled and tripped my way through the park all day fun.

    long story short, I fell face first into a bin full of tree trimmings.
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    Re: Disneyland with an eyepatch?

    I work a Stage Show to move set off stage.
    One trick is too cover one eye with your hand or closes both eyes for for 3 to 5 min. It will do the same thing.
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