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Thread: Repaving Woes?

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    Repaving Woes?

    At about 2:15 p.m. yesterday, as I strolled into Tomorrowland, I discovered that BLAB was closed down, which wouldn't have been that unusual except that all the line CMs were standing out front. Hmmm....

    A little further down, I decided to go to Store Command to check on the latest pins, but lo and behold, it was closed down too, sliding doors shut and all! The CMs were also standing outside, milling around the pin trading tables talking amongst themselves. I didn't ask what was going on, as I was with family and they wanted to go eat at Pizza Port. After eating, everything on that side was open again (save the FastPass machines, of course).

    My best guess is that there might have either been an electrical problem with the re-paving, which affects that side, or they had a gas leak... not exactly sure of either, but it's all I can think of that would warrant Store Command being sealed up as well.

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    Re: Repaving Woes?

    when I was in the park yesterday afternoon, I peeked around the construction walls to see the paving they are doing in front of Star Tours. You can look around them at the entrance. I was surprised to see that it looked like plain smooth concrete. I don't know if it is an underlayer or the finished product, but what I saw surprisingly had no theming at all.

    Anyone know what the final look is going to be?

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    Re: Repaving Woes?

    Concrete. To match the other parts of TL that are paver-less.

    Forget Disney Magic...Universal performs MIRACLES!!!

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    Re: Repaving Woes?

    They can stain concrete. I know, because that's what we did in our backyard at home. It looks pretty dang cool, and you can do any kind of design and color.

    I'm sure they're not done yet. And I'm sure it will turn out to be quite nice once it's done.

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    Re: Repaving Woes?

    ^ Well let's hope so, plain concrete ain't exactly futuristic.

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