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    Red Face Main Street U.S.A. Interior Photos. Share, Post Your Interior Shots!

    I'll upload my own later today but was hoping we could get a collection of interior Main Street U.S.A. shots here in this thread. I'd love to see all the photos from your collections featuring all the shops on Main Street and Town Hall and anything and everything.

    I mean we've all seen Main Street U.S.A. from all types of angles, night and day, but let's share the interior shots of Main Street U.S.A., let's show visitors who have yet to visit Disneyland what else Main Street U.S.A has to offer!

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    Re: Main Street U.S.A. Interior Photos. Share, Post Your Interior Shots!

    I wish I had my pictures to post, but unfortunately, my external hard drive which contains ALL of my photos has decided to stop working

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