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    Re: Frontierland Stagecoach

    I'm all for it . Shootouts, cowboys on horseback, etc., too. One of the reasons that the Old West theme is "no longer exciting" is because they've taken most of the excitement out of it. Also, I think more needs to be done along the back end of the RoA - new animatronic animals, the return of, or at least new scenery to replace, the burning cabin and Cascade Peak - to make riding the Mark Twain or the Columbia feel more like an adventurous trip into the untamed American wilderness.

    Getting back to the stagecoaches, I'm sure they could figure out a way to have them not tip over. It's been over 50 years since they created the original stagecoaches.
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    Re: Frontierland Stagecoach

    Ya know Frontierland used to have a stagecoah ride, right? It also had Pack Mules and Conestoga Wagons.

    Here's the information:
    Rainbow Mountain Stagecoach Ride at Yesterland
    Conestoga Wagons at Yesterland

    Thanks to Werner Weiss for Yesterland!

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