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    Question Is Disneyland Pumping Out The Ads or Something?

    So, ever since I found out about the free ticket to Disneyland on your birthday, I have been telling all of my friends and family about it (the ones that usually know nothing about anything Disney) and every single one has heard of the new promo!

    So, is Disneyland pushing the new promo or what? Or is it just random that they have heard of the new offer?

    -The Abominable Snowman

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    Re: Is Disneyland Pumping Out The Ads or Something?

    I think its mostly word of mouth and its been all over the news as well.

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    Re: Is Disneyland Pumping Out The Ads or Something?

    Whenever the words "Disneyland" and "Free" are use in a positive (for the consumer) light in the same sentence, it seems everyone and their brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, ect. knows about it. And they know about it with in it seems hours of it being announced.

    Take for example the "Wildfire Heroes" deal earlier this year. It eventually turned into "I show some law enforcement/Government/Aid Group ID and get a free ticket for me and cheep tickets for everyone else" deal. It was sickening to see everyone take advantage of the offer as they did.

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    Re: Is Disneyland Pumping Out The Ads or Something?

    I've been experiencing the same thing. Someone at work was even printing out their confirmation barcode and their birthday isn't until the middle of 09.

    I've yet to receive one, however, and am wondering if that's the case for anyone else who has registered?

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