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    A Tiggerific Week at the DL Resort!

    We arrived at the DL Hotel last Friday to begin our fun-filled week at the Resort. Great AP rate for our room in the Sierra Tower (yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it's not called that anymore, but when I'm paying the bill, I'll call it what I want, and it will always be the Sierra Tower to us). Our room had the DTD view. We were greeted with some signed character pictures of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. A quick swim in the pool and we were off to the Park!

    The crowds were a litttle heavier than I figured, but certainly do-able.

    This was our first "Disney only" week-long trip. We usually include a jaunt to Knott's and USH, but we'll catch up on those during our Thanksgiving trip. And speaking of T-Day, you can now book your seating for the T-Day dinner at the DL Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. We'll be there!

    The Park looked great with all of the Halloween decorations. Our photographer CM at the Mickey Pumpkin on Main St was really in to getting a great pose. He took about 8 shots of us in various poses. Yep, we bought two of them...

    We enjoyed a nice waterfront dinner at the Blue Bayou Saturday. Well, except for our server. Without naming names, he was obviously new, and just couldn't get it right. We constantly had to ask other servers for re-fills, more rolls, extra utensils and such. After waiting about ten minutes after my second request for the check, he showed up with it. I have never complained about a meal there, but when I saw the $44 for his tip (we had a large group) I just had to ask to speak to the MGR. I didn't want to stiff anyone, and I know that the total amount doesn't only go to him, so after telling the MGR about our "experience", and since THEY determined the amount of the gratuity, I politely asked that the tip be reduced to $20. An amount equal to what I feel was fair for services rendered. The MGR agreed. I did not enjoy doing that, but the circumstances dictated it.

    We'll be back to enjoy the BB during our T-Day trip. I can only hope that we are seated in an area other than his station. Sorry...

    As we left the BB, we practically ran into two Plaids. They were escorting a Desperate Housewife! Terri Hatcher and her daughter. We made eye-contact with her and she smiled back at us and stopped next to us. We said hello and that we enjoyed her show. I really wanted to tell her how I enjoyed her performance in the movie "Tango & Cash", but I didn't want to push my luck! (if you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. hehe). She asked us if we were enjoying DL, and told us to have a fun time. We thanked her for taking the time to say hi to us and went on our way. She seemed pleasant.

    Sunday met us with hotter weather. The lines shortened up a bit, so we were able to hit most of the E-Tickets. We really liked the new gingerbread effect in the HM. Complete with smell-o-vision!!! Nice touch!

    We checked out the dream house in TL. Meh, not our cup of tea. Though our daughter wanted to take the "magic mirror" home to install in her room. We caught ASIMO's show. He/she is awesome. They removed the Segway's, so we couldn't "test drive" one this time. We took a lap around the Park in the Lilly Belle. That's always fun. We wrapped up the evening watching a set of The 80's All Starz and enjoying the fireworks, then made a bee line to the Neverland Pool for a quick dip before it closed for the night.

    Monday was less crowded, but even hotter! We did DCA for most of the day. Tower of Terror was walk-on, as well as Screamin. We had a GAC, so our wait for Toy Story and Soarin was minimal. The new parade was awesome! Be prepared to get wet if you have front row seats!

    Enjoyed dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. The character's of the evening were: Chef Goofy, Alice, Baloo (sp), Chip, the Fairy Godmother and Minnie. They now serve fried chicken as well as the other tastey regular items. Anthony, the carver, is always good for a few good moments of conversation.

    On Tuesday we enjoyed watching the pumpkin carver and made some halloween cookies at Big Thunder Ranch. We hung out on the island for a bit and enjoyed people-watching from afar. It's amazing how many folks walk back and forth so many times from between POTC and the HM/SM area. Lost maybe? It was even hotter that day! Lighter crowds though.

    We haven't been to Toon Town in a while, so we went there and before we did anything else, we all enjoyed some Icee's. We took our annual picture with Mickey, and later purchased it. We can sure tell that the kids have really grown by looking at all of our previous pics of them with Mickey. After enjoying the Jungle Cruise, Indy (for the 4th time) and POTC, we made our way over to Hook's Pointe for Dinner. VERY Tastey!

    Wednesday was wrap-up day. Lots of window shopping and just hanging out. We took a nice break on the porch on Main St. People watching is best when done at Disneyland!

    We soaked our heads in the pool at the GCH for a few hours. It must have been over 90! The construction project there is moving right along. We noticed a huge difference over our last trip in June. They should be done in no time!

    After breakfast, we hit the Neverland Pool one last time before checking out. Back to reality and the workplace. Gotta save up for the next trip!

    I know, this thread is almost useless without pictures, but I haven't downloaded them yet. Sorry.


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    Re: A Tiggerific Week at the DL Resort!

    I'm never eaten at the Blue Bayou but i'm sorry about your experience. I'm glad the manager understood and agreed for u 2 pay only $20.

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    Re: A Tiggerific Week at the DL Resort!

    So lucky of seening Baloo at Goofy's Kitchen. A nother character I haven't seen in a long time. (2004) Glad also you had fun at DLR and can't wait to see your pictures.

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    Re: A Tiggerific Week at the DL Resort!

    What a great trip!! It will always be the Sierra Tower to my family too!!

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