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    Re: Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle lights/effects to extend through Main Street this y

    I've never heard of a Park that has certain sections that the snow magically avoids either. Just as it doesn't snow in every single area of the Park, I don't know why they are required to fully decorate and dress up the back of the Castle.
    The castle is one single building. The back and front represent similar areas of the same exact object, separated by only a few feet in some areas, with nothing overhead to block the snowfall. The jungles of Adventureland represent an entirely different time and place, as do the slopes of Space Mountain, or the hills above Toontown, or the grounds of the Haunted Mansion. These do not all need snow for the same reason that the entire Earth doesn't receive snowfall at the same time. But provided that nothing is blocking the snow or deterring it or clearing it away after the fact...a single building wouldn't just have snow in some areas and not in others. That'd be silly.

    Furthermore, some of the crenels in the parapets were missing entirely nonsensical absence. That actually was a bigger annoyance for me.

    Is the back of the Castle, even one of the satellite areas that gets snowfall?
    What do you mean by "satellite area"?

    It's not a firework viewing area....I don't think. Isn't that area closed off when they do the firework shows ?
    Doesn't matter. The main area of Fantasyland is open for the vast majority of the time, with plenty of opportunities for many people to see the back of the castle. Those people will have already seen the front, sometimes just a few moments earlier, and the lack of snow quite simply isn't right.

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    Re: Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle lights/effects to extend through Main Street this y

    I'm interested to see what they are going to do on Main Street if they bring the lights to it. The castle last year was gorgeous.

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