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Haven't bothered to read the whole thread, but I've found that texting in order to plan meet-ups is a lot easier than hoping to get through (some buildings are impossible to get reception), hoping to be able to hear (some oplaces are too loud), or leaving a message to call back, only to find yourself in one of those no-reception buildings and eventually calling for audio messages.
I'm at Disneyland to soak up Disneyland. I go once or twice a year, so I'm not going to waste any time talking on a phone, unless it is to rub in the fact that I'm at Disneyland to someone who would rather be there than wherever they're at. (Usually out-of-town friends, to get them to move back home.)
If I get calls, I'm off to the side or in a shop or walking slowly, allowing others to pass. Never answering while on an attraction. Whatever the information is, it can wait until I'm free.
And my work is not critical enough to require me to be available at all times.
You are a true cellular sentyleman. During the course of this thread, I learned to text message. I've become quite apt at it, and can certainly see the advantage of texting while at the park. It is polite and rather fun. If one is with friends and/or family, cell phone usage should be kept to a minimum.