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    Question Working at DLR - Sesonal Shift Question

    Hi there,

    I am sure this has probably been covered in another thread. I tried looking but I think the search feature might be broken right now :-( Anyways... since this is such a quick question I thought i would just post and see what you guys think.

    I live in San Diego and work FT Mon - Friday. I am wondering if there are specific shifts (or employee classifications) for weekend workers. I know that there are special shifts/classifications for some part time workers (like weekend plus 1 weekday, just an example, may not be accurate). My goal is to work seasonally on Sat, Sun, and Holidays.

    This may not be remotely possible but I thought I would ask.

    Thanks a ton for responding!!

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    Re: Working at DLR - Sesonal Shift Question

    I think there is a CRSS, which just works Saturdays and Sundays.

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    Re: Working at DLR - Sesonal Shift Question

    I went in to apply for a job last week and seasonal is actually the only positions that they're hiring for right now. Weekends starting Friday night through Sunday and holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Summer.

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    Re: Working at DLR - Sesonal Shift Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan - Tasmic! View Post
    I think there is a CRSS, which just works Saturdays and Sundays.
    And that is a VERY hard status to get. They only allow so many of those in each area. Most often, you just have to go with the minimum requirements of the CR status and do Fridays at 5pm or later and fully available Saturday/Sunday for slow times, and 5 days a week for busy times.

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