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    Re: Alternate Names for Attractions

    Eh... I don't really use anything other than abbreviations- Splash, Space, Buzz Lightyear, Screamin', and so on.

    But my mom keeps calling Downtown Disney "Main Street"!
    Ahh!! The confusion!!!

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    Re: Alternate Names for Attractions

    My 7 year old cousin suggested Soaked Mountain instead of Splash Mountain after we got off.

    When my brother and I were little someone, I don't remember which one, used to call Indiana Jones, Indianana Jones. My mom from now on calls it that.

    My mom also calls the Jungle Cruise, the Jungle Book once in a while until I correct her and she rolls her eyes.

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    Re: Alternate Names for Attractions

    1) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is often called 'the elevator'.
    2) 'Small World'
    3) 'Subs' or 'Submarines'
    4) 'Toad' or 'Mr. Toad'
    5) 'Dumbo'
    6) 'Thunder'
    7) 'Tiki Room'
    8) 'Pirates'

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    Re: Alternate Names for Attractions

    When my nephew was a toddler he called Skyway "Matterhorn" because of how it traveled through the mountain.

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    Re: Alternate Names for Attractions

    Oh, and my mom always calls Mullholland Madness "Not so thrilled ride" She hates that ride, because of a childhood incident on Alice in Wonderland.

    Her cousin was like 9 and was very heavy. He decided to lean one way, just before you re-enter the building, into the very merry un-borthday scene, I think it is. He leaned, and the car tipped onto on wheel, since there was 3. Then he tipped it back. But because the 2nd story part of Alice on the outside is similar to Mullholland Madness, she is scared to death.

    We got the name from a winning AFV video, where a grandma was on almost every roller coaster at DLR and she was scared to death on everything.
    We are currently imagineeing a new attraction for you!

    Please enjoy all the other attractions in fabulicious Vasooki-land!

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