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Thread: Disney Vault 28

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    Re: Disney Vault 28

    I really like this store, though the prices are a little high, they are higher end items. The store clerk told me that Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale had shopped there. I used to work in a boutique so I appreciate items from the deeper end of the price pool. My Retrosport NY Giants tank top is from Vault 28. Go Giants!

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    Re: Disney Vault 28

    Vault 28 = BLOC28

    the greatest clothing since anything

    Disney+Urban Graffitti Art = BLOC28
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    Re: Disney Vault 28

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Green View Post
    im not really i fan of the place, but maybe ill mozey in there next week when im around and get my mind changed.
    Me neither......but I love what it COULD be..........and from my last visit, I havent' seen it attain that level yet......personal opinion, of course.

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