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    Re: The real stories behind the Disney movies..

    I've got the same Alice book Sweetie, and I have to agree, it's fantastic.

    Someone mentioned the original Hunchback of Notre Dame book by Victor Hugo. This book is my personal favorite of all time. It's a great novel with fanstatic writing and storylines on several levels. I like the Disney version, but in my opinion it just doesn't compare to the book. This story is different from the others that we are talking about in the fact that it is a story that is completely original and appears in only one version written by one man. (Well, besides Alice.)

    I am suprised at how close the film does stay to the book though, especially that the storywriters kept Frollo's maddening lust for Esmerelda as his motivation for his evil. The Frollo in the book is a much more sympathetic and terrible character; he adopts Quasimodo out of the kindness of his heart and cares for his slacker younger brother as if he were his parent. Frollo's "Hellfire" scene with the fireplace is fantastic in the movie. The touchy-feely ending, however, dissapoints.

    In the book, Phoebus is the only main character to survive (aside from Gringore, a character not included in the film, and Esmerelda's goat Djali.) It's no consolation though; he's a cad that feigns love with Esmerlda just for the "benefits " of the relationship. I don't want to give away any more, it's just a great story to find out for yourself.

    I highly suggest this book to anyone here. It's size may be slighty intimidating and the first three chapters are pretty boring, but it's all worth it.

    (And to correct what was said earlier, Quasi was deaf because of the volume of the bells he rang, not the other way around. Not to be picky or anything. )
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    Re: The real stories behind the Disney movies..

    ORDDU: Most fairy tales of old were originally told around camp fires for the benefit of ADULTS! Did you ducklings know that? Then, as time passed and newer, more modern stories became popular, fairy tales were handed down to children. As gory as the originals were, they certainly were able to scare many a small fry.

    ORWEN: And in the original story of SLEEPING BEAUTY, it wasn't the princess, herself, who tried to destroy her children--it was the Prince's wicked mother who wanted them all dead. She turned out to be even more frightening than the evil fairy who had cursed the princess at birth. (Fairytales don't paint very good pictures of step mothers or mothers-in-law, for some reason.) Anyway, I believe the wicked mother-in-law in Sleeping Beauty ended up falling into a pit of venomous snakes.

    ORGOCH: Serves the old bat right! After all that hard work she put inta makin' the story a hit, she was fin'ly rewarded with one a her fav'rite meals!! Fer me, though, it'll always be frogs...

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    Re: The real stories behind the Disney movies..

    In Little Mermaid, basically she falls in love with him, but he cheats on her. Her sisters cut off all their hair to get a knife from the witch so that the only way the Little Mermaid could live is by killing the Prince. But she sees him in bed asleep with the chick he cheated with and decides not to. So she turns into sea foam and dies.

    In Cinderella, the stepsisters cut off either their toes or their heels to make their feet fit into the glass slippers. When the Prince rides off with them, however, the birds tell him to look at the blood in their shoes. Then after Cinderella marries the Prince, the birds peck out the stepsister's eyes.

    In Snow White, first the witch suffocates her with a corset and then gives her a poison comb before Snow White chokes on the apple. And to make the witch pay in the end, she must dance at the wedding in red hot shoes until she falls down dead.

    In Sleeping Beauty, the Prince's mother tries to kill her and her childern off and eat them several times throughout the book. And I think she falls into some sort of pit and dies in the end.

    Cheerful, right?
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    Re: The real stories behind the Disney movies..

    Quote Originally Posted by FromWithin
    and for those Metallica fans...
    Hush little baby dont say a word
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    Exit light, enter night
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    I just had that song on earlier in my car! I never leave home without the Black Album!

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    Re: The real stories behind the Disney movies..

    One thing that I have learned about Walt since becoming a Cast Member is that he was a huge literary fan! (Once the 50th is over check out his office!) After talking with Dave Smith I also found out that he was working on an adaptation of Don Quixote. (Another dark story to say the least..)
    As far as Sleeping Beauty goes read the Ann Rice version sometime! its kinda disturbing..
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