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    I really doubt that the Castle Walkthrough will ever open again -- I think it was closed for Security reasons. But I would love it if it DID re-open again.

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    The castle walk-through, while cheesy and outdated, was classic. It would be nice if they would bring it back-provide us with the smallest bit of nostalgic bliss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin
    Supposedly there was a Phase 2 of DTD that would extend DTD. Perhaps at that time additional clubs would be added. But I really hate the idea of waiting for these additional clubs to open, when you know they would attract additional people and provided additional nightime entertainment. Especially when the parks close early.

    There's a good Third Gate idea: a West Coast Pleasure Island with our own Adventures Club, et al.

    Talk about something that'll never happen (sigh)....


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    <sigh> I miss the walk through- it was one of my favorite things to do, but I doubt it will ever re-open either.

    As for the "third gate" (and I think this has been talked to death)- there used to be a website that was disney sponsored : at least I think that is what it was- but it basically said the same thing about a third theme park taking up part of the cm parking lot and the remaining strawberry fields. The cm parking would be moved closer to angel stadium. It never posted anything definite as far as what the park would contain, but I know the pooh thing was one idea, they basically were asking for other ideas and the park was aimed for a 2010 opening.

    Since the idea of a third gate was scrapped, Disney took the site down.
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    Would there be enough room in the old Ranch/Festival area (now known as the Disney Netherworld) for a whole new land? It looks pretty big back there....
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