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    Steamboat Willie's Birthday

    Heard this on the radio today...

    AFP: 80 years ago, Mickey Mouse steamed onto entertainment scene

    I'm sure most everyone knows, but in case you didn't.

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    Re: Steamboat Willie's Birthday

    Yes, it's Mickey (and Minnie's) 80th anniversary today Nov 18th. I think it's bittersweet that the parks did not take this milestone more seriously and did something special to celebrate it.

    Happy Birthday Mickey!!

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    Re: Steamboat Willie's Birthday

    Cool Happy birthay Mickey!

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    Re: Steamboat Willie's Birthday

    It is his birthday even though he debuted two other mickey cartoons showed before that.

    But Steamboat Willie was his bug debut because it had sound.

    Happy Birthday Mickey
    "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Welcome" - Walt Disney

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