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    attraction to stop the madness!!!!!

    With all the discussion latly about future projects... it seems that the only way to eleviate some of the turmoil is to open a Project preview center in Disneyland. I think the park and the public really needs it. that way WDI can showcase the ideas that will be comming or ideas that were turned down. I mean seriously these long winded threads about stuff that may or may not happen can give you a headache. It would just be up to WDI to be honest and tell the public the truth on issues... otherwise they just need to keep thier mouths shut and not mention any details at all to anyone!
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    Re: attraction to stop the madness!!!!!

    That wouldn't fix anything. Things still have to be developed, go through changes and be approved. No matter when WDI showed their new ideas in the preview center innevitably the info would have been leaked before that.
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