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Thread: Facade Designs

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    Re: Facade Designs

    Quote Originally Posted by speedway
    Yeah, you would be saying exactly the same thing if the Magic Kingdom was the first Disney park, Cinderella Castle was the first castle, and the MK was your home park instead of Disneyland. Don't believe me? Get a time machine.
    That's very true. I apologize if I sounded like another snob who refuses to think anything at WDW is good simply because it's not "original." Heck, if I went by that logic all the time, I'd detest the DL Space Mountain--it's not the original, since it opened two years after the one at WDW. And I do love Space Mountain here at DL.

    I said what I said in jest. I don't seriously think that the Sleeping Beauty Castle is superior to the Cinderella Castle. I just prefer the Sleeping Beauty Castle because that's where my memories are. Plus, I'm more into DL's small-park-with-charm-in-the-details mood than WDW's breathtaking-resort-with-multiple-incredible-parks mood. Again, neither is superior to the other...people just have their preferences.

    Back on's true that the Pirates facade does a wonderful job. It fits in perfectly with the theming of NOS, but doesn't make a huge "arr! look at me! this is a pirate ride!" statement to guests. That's a different sort of effective facade.

    I guess if I want to go strictly by the rules of what a facade is, I'd have to say my favorite is the Haunted Mansion. Sleeping Beauty doesn't count, but I love it just the same.

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    Re: Facade Designs

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Disney
    Well... there was the walktrough....
    Operative term, 'was'. The castle is it's own thing now, and no longer serves as a fascade for anything.
    The Next Big Disney Thing: starts Jan. 3rd

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