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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    Thanks for the information and pictures! Great info!
    I sure would love to see this come back as a restaurant. Heck they could even sell some sweatshirts and trinkets in there as well to justify bringing it back!

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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    What a prime spot. Especially for an eatery. I wish they would utilize ALL of Main Street.

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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    The first time I ate there, it was the Hills Brothers Coffee House, circa 1968. I well remember Hills Brothers, which, as noted above, became the American Egg House, sponsored by the American Egg Board.

    It was indeed great fun to watch the cook at work making omelettes while making your way through the queue.

    And I also ate at the ""Town Square Cafe".

    Indeed it was a mistake to replace the eatery there, and indeed it would be a good idea to put another one there.

    -- Barry
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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    I loved it in its various incarnations as an adult, but loathed it as a kid when it was the Maxwell House and later Hills Brothers Coffee House. Don't get me wrong, the food was great. And the miniature lights in the dark blue, vaulted ceiling were fun. The problem was my mom, who always insisted on a good, healthy breakfast to start off a day at Disneyland -- and she loved those lights in the ceiling.

    Agony is a kid an hour after rope drop, with a brand new Big-15 ticket book burning a hole in his shirt pocket, sitting through an adult-length meal while seeing thousands of people go streaming down Main Street to have fun.
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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    I think I remember eating here as a small child. I have a memory of fresh squeezed orange juice from this location (which hasn't made much sense as a pin trading location).

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    Re: Can you tell me about the old DL Town Square Café?

    I knew that the old "Liberty/International Street" outdoor area used to be an eating area for breakfast at one time. Excellent info about this long gone restaurant.

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