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    The Little Mermaid Darkride Concept

    I was looking at darkride websites when I found this very interesting article...

    Disney and more: Will the great Little Mermaid dark ride finally come to Disneyland ?

    Its rather old, but its interesting to see a walkthrough of what the ride could eventually end up being! Even if it is nothing like this, I'm sure it will be something similar to this original concept, and some of the scenes look really similar to more the more current concept art. I'm excited to see what the Imagineers are whipping up... enjoy!

    P.S. If this has already been posted before, please let me know. It is a year old and has a link to MiceAge so someone may have seen it before.

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    Re: The Little Mermaid Darkride Concept

    ^That's a special feature on The Little Mermaid Platinum Edition DVD. And yes, it has been posted.

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    Re: The Little Mermaid Darkride Concept

    I love the transition from the surface to underwater! I hope the ride is generally similar to this with even more surprises.

    Things like this are keeping me excited to see what'll happen to DCA's makeover in general.

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    Re: The Little Mermaid Darkride Concept

    Some of that was shown a little out of order, I hope the actual ride follows a general story line. Very cool and I'm excited for this!

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