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Thread: Paradise pier!

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    Paradise pier!

    Since Paradise pier is going through a Victorian transformation I was wondering...What about the music?
    I like the music right now but wouldn't they change that as well!?

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    Re: Paradise pier!

    With the transformation of the orange stinger into mickey's twister, they can hardly keep the same buzzing music, so that would definitely need to change. I can't even recall the music in Pizza Oo mow mow area, but I would think that would definitely need to change with a transformation to a Beer Garden.

    The music on California Screamin' is certainly NOT victorian, and it is really like nails on a blackboard for the artificial theme they pretend to have for the pier, so changing to something more old fashioned would be in improvement.

    The carousel type music does work ok, however the Beach Boy songs are definitely too modern for the feel they are trying to place in the area. It will be interesting to see if they DO change the songs, to a different era. HOPEFULLY they will change the songs to something no later than the 1930's. If it stays the same, they will have failed in an area the would be pretty easy to reflect a change in this area.

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