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    Parades in Jan 09

    I am visiting from 5jan 09 -11jan09.. and it looks like there is no parades at this time i sthis correct?
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    Re: Parades in Jan 09

    Good question. It all depends at what time you are going in January. If it is before the 5th, i believe the Christmas Fantasy Parade will still be making the 'rounds. If it is after that, i am not sure. I think the Celebration parade starts after March because of the repaving project on Main Street. Hope this helps!!!

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    Re: Parades in Jan 09

    There is no parade for Jan. Disneyland is going to redo the paving on Main Street and what it sounds like there will be no more POD.

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    Re: Parades in Jan 09

    There will not be any parades in Disneyland starting January 5th (through most of March). Fantasmic, however, will probably have a ~7:30 showing on weekdays, and normal showings on weekends. California Adventure will have Pixar Play Parade, but it will be only running 5-days per week.

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