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    Morning Memories

    Every great childhood memory I have of going to Disneyland seems to be from the morning. For instance I have pictures in my mind of waiting in almost every line at DL, but I seem to remember them all being in the morning(even though we usually never got there real early). My most vivid pictures in my mind are of the Matterhorn from the line(tomorrowland side, right where the line comes really close to the track), Space Mountain line(right past the escalator that used to be there), and the Big Thunder line, right next to the small mining buildings. And from all of these images I seem to remember a bright sun low in the eastern sky. I guess I visited DL so many times, my greatest memories and my favorite time of day have merged into one. Anyone else want to describe their favorite memories? Please be descriptive, I'd love to hear everything.

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    Re: Morning Memories

    Mine is from the morning too. the night after a wedding we came down for. I was about 6 and I woke up in the Disneyland Hotel, it was one of those pastel blue rooms with a lamp bolted to the nightstand. There were last nights party drinks, these lip sticked glasses on the table that had separated colors, like bourbon and melted ice. Overflowing ashtrays (i fished out the cool matchbooks and straightened the matches) and my folks were passed out on the floor in their tuxes and gown. The rug in the bathroom was a bit soiled and smelled the room, so i called for my own room service and had the guy put the tray on my dads chest. Those Mickey Mouse pancakes never tasted so good, and so did the melted highballs. I miss that hotel.

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