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    New Year's Eve Trip Report!

    Alright so I went to Disneyland on the 31st, yes call me crazy but I did it!
    We managed to ride the matterhorn 4 times, space mountain 3 times and all other rides in Disneyland except autopia.. but autopia is not that cool anyways.
    I arrived at 7 AM with my little brother and left at 2 AM, no coffee or coke, just a bunch of churros, turkey legs, hot cocoa, and candy
    We had a great time, we went on the matterhorn first (I mean FIRST we were the first ones on in the whole park) then we went on alice and all the fantasyland story books including dumbo and teacups, we then ran for fastpasses to space mountain and got on through standby with only 10 minutes wait..
    by 11 AM the line for space mountain had become 65 minutes long :o
    once we finished tomorrowland (except nemo and autopia) we went on to Pirates and HM suprisingly enough we got on within 25 minutes each.
    We then went on thunder mountain railroad and then jungle cruise we then had to just stop and relax at the tiki room for a bit because the park had become unbearable by 4.
    I dont remember exactly what we did from 4-9 we got on a bunch of random rides based on wait times and what we felt like.
    By 11 PM we found an exellent view of the castle near the theatre place on mainstreet where they had a swing party and we enjoyed the countdown till 12 and saw the fireworks It was more like flashes of light due to the fog and the fact that we were soo close..
    after 12 we went on all the story books again including peter pan that broke due to a traffic jam during a CM switch. We went on indiana jones twice from 12-2 and I got to drive! Yay!
    and that finished the day, by 1 AM the park was empty so we got to enjoy it

    Jan 2nd
    This day was by far less crowded than the 31st, we got on all the rides in DL except nemo and autopia and went to monsters, toy story and screamin at DCA, we were going on ToT but I dont know what happened..we got to see the electrical parade though!

    We had an excellent stay I did see one or two cast members very frustrated on the 31st but hey what can we do? We had tons of fun even though the rest of my family says we should go on the 31st again, there is nothing like the first second of your new year at disneyland

    I'll try to post some pictures or videos when I get a chance..

    Sorry for the typos if you see any :P

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    Re: New Year's Eve Trip Report!

    Great TR! Sounds fun!
    Looking for the truth about giraffes?

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