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    Can anyone tell me what Disneyland International is/does/was?

    I am looking for information about Disneyland International. Above is their logo, you may have seen the nametag from this group on display in the Opera House at Disneyland. Problem is, I can find no information about it. Does anyone here perhaps know? I think it was active in the late 80's, perhaps up to the present day. Any info would be most helpful, be it pictures or a link to a webpage somewhere.

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    Re: Can anyone tell me what Disneyland International is/does/was?

    I have no real idea, but I'm thinking maybe it is/was responsible for international marketing of the resort.

    Here in New Zealand both DLR and HKDLR are marketed. You would never see a dedicated television or print ad, but there are often promotions where a holiday to one of the resorts is a prize, and they are featured heavily in travel agency brochures. I guess somebody has to organise these things - perhaps it is this division???

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    Re: Can anyone tell me what Disneyland International is/does/was?

    It was a company set up to develop Disney theme parks outside of the United States, starting with Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland International was initially called "Walt Disney Productions Japan." The name changed after Tokyo Disneyland was opened and Disney started eyeing other countries to host Disney theme parks.

    Disneyland International handled everything from the initial negotiations with the host country, licensing and management contracts, and various other functions necessary for foreign development and adaptation of the Disney theme park experience into the region they were being developed into.

    It was run by Disney Legend and super great guy Jim Cora up until 2001 when he retired. See:

    Jim Cora, Chairman of Disneyland International, Retires After 43 Years of Service | Business Wire | Find Articles at BNET


    Disney Legends - James Cora

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