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    Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    When I miss disneyland, I MISS disneyland. Right now i am anticipating my sunday overnight trip so, that i watched all of the Disneyland: Secrets and Stories and Your host, Walt Disney Treasure Tin, set, things (which i HIGHLY recomend everyone get!) and while watching the "Disneyland '59" program hosted by Art Linkletter. I got to thinking....Does Art Linkletter still get money from disneyland??????

    I remember hearing, a long time ago, that uncle walt would give Art, I think it was, $1 for every roll of film that was sold at the kodak photo store. Now I am not sure is Art is still around anymore, but I wonder if he still gets that money (or his estate) does anyone know?
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    Re: Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    I know that Art Linkletter is still around, but I am not sure of the $1 per roll of film Walt promised him!!!???

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    Re: Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    We saw him at the Park a few years ago.

    Maybe he was there to collect his cut???

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    Re: Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    He was at the 50th celebration being master of ceremonies yet again.

    I didn't buy any film so I didn't give him a dollar

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    Re: Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    What is this "film" you speak of?

    Boy, digital cameras really cut the legs out from under that whole racket, didn't they?

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    Re: Disneyland and Art Linkletter

    Here is what I picked up from IMDb:

    Friend Walt Disney could only afford to pay Linkletter scale to help host the Disneyland grand opening special Dateline: Disneyland (1955) (TV); in return, Linkletter asked for and received the park's camera and film concessions for 10 years.
    Also his birthday is July 17 and he was born in 1912 which makes him 98 years young. And he was adopted.

    Also he has been married to his wife Lois since 1935 (she is also still living) making it the longest marriage in Hollywood history.

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