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    Question Disneyland Hotel

    I have a freind here in the office that is looking for booking a room and getting a two day park hopper pass. He is confused and so am I about the pricing difference between booking the hotel only and purchasing the park hopper ticket seperately and book the vacation plan room and tickets.

    The room is the same, the dates are the same and the number of adult people (no kids) are the same.

    Booking through the vacation plan the total comes to $1,100.

    Booking seperatly the total is $740.00

    Why is the vacation plan so much more than booking seperately? We don't see anything different as to room, what's offered, or any other special service that is offered through the vacation plan. Does anyone know why there is so big a price charge?
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    Re: Disneyland Hotel

    When you book through the vacation package there are added benefits in your packet... For example entrance in to Mickey's toon town maddnes for the family, discounts at various places, a free pin lanyard and pin, also priority seating to a few different shows...

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel

    We NEVER use the "package" deals.

    We always book seperately, and encourage our friends that don't have AP's to do the same.

    Sure, it can all be handled with "one phone call" and you get a few warm and fuzzy perks, but you pay through the nose for it...

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