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    fantasyland theatre question

    does anyone know the history of shows that have been there within the last ten years? i cant remember the name of this show that i really liked when i was little. not pocahontas, snow white, or hunchback. i remember one scene where there were some boxes on stage which had "statues" in them which came to life. i believe there might have been a lion king bit in there too. does anyone know what it was called?

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    Re: fantasyland theatre question

    You're thinking of Animazement.
    Check out Yesterland for some other shows.

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    Re: fantasyland theatre question

    Never mind.
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    Re: fantasyland theatre question

    Animazement oh, never mind someone beat me.


    It lasted over two years.
    I remember watching it when I was younger. I also seen it a couple of times before it was closed. It was a great show compare of what they have now.
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    Re: fantasyland theatre question

    Great show. =D

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    Re: fantasyland theatre question

    Beauty and the Beast show where the Beast can out of picture frame

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