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Thread: Monorail Orange

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    Monorail Orange

    Ok, with monorail red's windows being replaced (slowly but surely) and monorail blue being behind red to get the windows, when are we to expect orange? And has it been on the track for testing even??

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    Re: Monorail Orange

    Not yet.

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    Re: Monorail Orange

    Monorail Red windows have been changed out, but ONLY a couple for testing.

    It is expected that Monorail Orange will premiere with the new window set-up (whatever the final decision is). And it will be the first with the entire train with new windows. Then both Red and Blue will get the window changes, one at a time, after Monorail Orange passes all its tests and the new windows show that the temperature will remain with normal limits with a full set of passengers if the train gets stalled on the track.

    When will Mark VII Monorail Orange appear? It is rumored sometime in mid-April (after Spring/Easter Break) for testing, to avoid the peak crowds and delaying the entire system. But that is subject to change, depending on the test results from Monorail Red.

    The last I heard, expect windows very similar to what the old Mark V's had as a replacement for the current Mark VII windows.
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    Re: Monorail Orange

    I just wanted to ask the same question! I THINK I will be going at the end of March, then again at the end of May, so I wanted to know if there is a good chance of riding any of the three?

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