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    Old Motorboat Cruise lagoon/current smoking area idea

    One of the few areas of the park that currently sits idle and unused without decorative touches, and only a bunch of chairs for the smoking guest, and the nearby face painting and ODV carts. My idea out the covered seating area, and move the carts, if necessary, down the path a little, or even better, do away with this ODV entirely and send the face painting to Toontown, where there's a lot of room.

    Once that is done, seeing as this area can be claimed alternately by both Fantasyland and Tommorowland, clear the lagoon and install a "parked" version of Captain Nemo's Nautilus inside submerged in the water, just as a photo op and small detailed area, with volcanic rocks about the ship, and maybe even occasional sound files of the organ playing from the movie coming from within, or further back away from the walkway, have a timed effect of the head/eye area of the giant squid only surfacing to eye the sub and guests. If the squid portion wouldn't fit, even just the Nautilus by itself would be a nice touch and something to look at that would lend a lot of atmosphere to a currently pretty bland area. Your thoughts?
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    Re: Old Motorboat Cruise lagoon/current smoking area idea

    A Nautilus? I like the sound of that!

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    Re: Old Motorboat Cruise lagoon/current smoking area idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Nautilus View Post
    A Nautilus? I like the sound of that!

    Yes, but how much would you charge for your time? And for being submerged in the water?

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