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    Interesting Concepts

    Late night internet perusing lead me to THIS site. It follows the many attraction, land, and resort, etc. concepts for every Disney park. I found most of them very fascinating, but they became a bit repetitive about halfway down the list. It seems to me that the genius minds at Disney have plenty of creative ideas and a lot to work with, but have no idea how to execute them.

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    Re: Interesting Concepts

    Cool site

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    Re: Interesting Concepts

    Wow, those were awesome! Most of those I knew about but I had forgotten all about them anyway. Some ideas still sound really good. Hope they get to do them eventually!

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    Re: Interesting Concepts

    Wow. Pretty neat site. It is interesting how they wanted to do DLP's Main Street in a 1920s/1930s style. Glad they didn't do that. But what is interesting that they are going to do this with Buena Vista Street in DCA.

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    Re: Interesting Concepts

    Ideas never go down without a fight.

    Although I have to disagree about Disney as a WHOLE not knowing how to execute ideas.

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    Re: Interesting Concepts

    Wow a lot of those concepts were interesting. I think Geyser Mountain looked really original and would have been better than the Tower of Terror at DCA.

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