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    Re: New California Adventure Entrance Turnstyles

    I wish they'd just go arts and crafts/spanish mission style, and have pillars with stone work, and a pergola/trellis on top, covered in bougainvillea. Nothing too complicated, and its a look I feel will last through time, much like DLs turn-of-the-century turnstiles. They'd be appropriate to the new time period and style, and would help tie together this area and the to-be-revamped Condor Flats/Golden State theme, and add a little more unity to the area.

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    Re: New California Adventure Entrance Turnstyles

    All of the designs I have seen do in some way or another reflect California. My problem is that there is NO magic to them. They are boring, authentic but boring.

    I keep on putting myself in the place of a child. Children find the Roman pillars of the coliseum boring, as well as the mission style. Kids love color and something that has imagination to it. I would rather walk through a giant time machine to get to Buena Vista street. The entrance should create excitement about the park, that authenticity is secondary.
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    Re: New California Adventure Entrance Turnstyles

    I'm not opposed to a mission/arts-and-crafts style, seeing as it's one of my favorite architectural styles, however, I'm surprised that everyone keeps putting emphasis on the turnstyles being "DHS/MGM" and gloss over rather than acknowledge that they are, in fact, also authentic to California. As well, I feel that--while authentic--a mission/arts and craft style may be too "adult" as well for children to appreciate in comparison to the current design.

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    Re: New California Adventure Entrance Turnstyles

    I agree from my initial view of the concept art when originally released, I disliked what I saw. But historically speaking, makes sense.

    Arts & Crafts/ Spanish Revival makes sense, but I wonder if something else may be represented in the turnstyle. Not only do I see this at KBF but USH as well.

    I also thought about the Union Station ala park entrance like Disneyland Tokyo. But looking at research and history, it opened 1939. Definately not around when Walt Disney arrived. So I've been wondering what exactly DID he see upon arrival to the train station?

    Then again the concept art depicts Pan-Pacific Auditorium from 1935 in Streamline Moderne. Disney's Hollywood Studios is really all about California/Hollywood architecture. I think Yesteryear was doing an article series about it.

    Another option would be art deco.

    I think Spanish Revival will be well represented in Buena Vista Street and so far until someone proves me otherwise consider Golden Vine Winery as such.

    Entrance turnstyle, Buena Vista Street, and HPB seems like a perfect area to display Spanish Mission Revival, Streamline, & Art Deco. Leave Arts & Crafts/ Greens for Grizzly Recreation Area.

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