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    JHM: Lion King and Sleeping Beauty Featured in WoC!!!1

    The whole article on
    "Jerry C. writes in say:
    I really enjoyed that photo you ran last week of the empty Paradise Bay. Do you have any stories to share yet about DCA’s night-time water pageant, “Disney’s World of Color” ?
    Dear Jerry –
    At this point, we’re only about ten weeks into this multi-million dollar construction project. The draining of Paradise Bay actually began back on November 3rd and it took more than two weeks to reach the bottom of this man-made lagoon.

    As of right now, most of the on-site survey work has already been completed. So what lies ahead now is several weeks of serious deconstruction. As crews rip up concrete at various spots along the bottom of the now-empty Paradise Bay. In preparation for those hundreds of high pressure nozzles and pieces of supply piping that are about to be installed.

    While all of this work is going on, the Imagineers will also be ripping that amphitheater that they built along the north side of Paradise Bay to then make room for that tiered 9,000-person viewing area that they’ll be adding to DCA. Which will (hopefully) be able to accommodate those huge crowds that will turn out nightly to watch performances of “Disney’s World of Color.”

    Given that California Adventure is about to get a brand-new night-time water pageant that will reportedly put the Fountains at Bellagio to shame, I know that it may seem somewhat ungracious – if not downright rude – to begin carping about “Disney’s World of Color.” But me? I can’t help but wonder how much money the Disneyland Resort would have saved if they’d just done even the bare minimum preparatory work for California Adventure's new water pageant when this theme park was first being constructed back in 1999 / 2000.

    Copyright Tokyo Disney Resort. All Rights Reserved

    I mean, that’s what WDI did at Tokyo DisneySea. Long before all those parade barges for BraveSEAmo! first floated out onto Mediterranean Harbor, back during the initial construction phase of the Tokyo Disney Resort’s second theme park, the Imagineers had a lot of the plumbing and electrical necessary to support this sort of show placed at the bottom of that concrete harbor. Which made it that much easier to get a night-time water pageant up out of the ground … er … water when BraveSEAmo! finally got the green light.

    Of course, the Oriental Land Company was okay with this sort of expenditure. Given that they realized that it would be far cheaper in the long run to lay the groundwork for a TDS lagoon show while that theme park was still being constructed. Whereas the executives who were riding herd on the construction of Disney’s California Adventure were trying to do everything related to that theme park on the cheap. So any suggestions about doing prep work in Paradise Bay for a future waterfront show was quickly dismisses as “We can’t afford to do that right now. “
    Which is why The Walt Disney Company is now forced to spend tens of millions of dollars ripping up the bottom of that concrete lagoon to make room for all of the underwater equipment needed to present & support “Disney’s World of Color.” All because of WDI's penny wise / pound foolish attitude 10 years ago.

    Mind you, there is an upside. Because all of this work is now being done in 2009, rather than back in 1999 or 2000, DCA will have a totally state-of-the-art fountain show. One that features the latest & greatest equipment when it comes to high pressure hoses and fine spray nozzles. So when you see a full-sized replica of Sleeping Beauty Castle sculpted entirely out of water suddenly rise up out of Paradise Bay and/or the wildebeast stampede sequence from “The Lion King” play out on a series of 80-foot tall mist screens … Hopefully, all of the extra time & expense involved here will have been worth it.

    Copyright 2008 Disney. All Rights Reserved

    But last month, as my daughter and I looked out over the now-empty Paradise Bay … Well, as much as I was looking forward to seeing “Disney’s World of Color” in 2010, there was a part of me that still wished that Dick Nunis had gotten his way.

    You see, Dick always felt bad that one of the attractions that Walt had originally proposed for the 1955 version of Disneyland (Which was a Monstro-the-Whale themed Shoot-the-Chutes attraction) had never made it off the drawing board. Which is why – when Nunis learned that DCA was supposed to have a recreation of California’s beachfront amusement piers – he proposed that the Imagineers add a Shoot-the-Chutes to Paradise Pier’s line-up of attractions.

    Unfortunately, given the “Less is More” attitude that pervaded much of the design & construction phase of DCA, WDI humored Nunis by having some concept art drawn up for a Shoot-the-Chutes attraction for DCA (Which – FYI – is still on display over at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel). But they never actually had any intention of building a recreation of this 1900s-era thrill ride as part of Disney’s California Adventure."

    Also, "Finding Nemo," "The Little Mermaid," "Silly Symphonies" and "Pocahontas" are in it, sources being Blue Sky cellar and lenticular panel at DCA.

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    Re: JHM: Lion King and Sleeping Beauty Featured in WoC!!!1

    I'm rather excited to see this show! I hope that the mentions of a 100 foot tall Chernabog (Al's update I believe), and now the castle and Wildebeest stampede are true. This show has the potential to be the best thing we've seen in a long time!
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