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    Within 78 miles of WDW...
    perhaps this is a message.... the parking structure (part of it) might be braking apart..... and will fall.... and part of it will fly and hit DCA (or was that in a dream..)

    I wouldn't think the garage is unsafe... they check these thigns what monthly??

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuckSawyer
    I was at the DLR on both Saturday and Sunday and the express ramp over Ball Road has been closed. The yellow plastic sticky poles that are used to guide traffic are in place at both ends of the ramp, ensuring that no one uses it.

    I expect that DLR expects the ramp to be closed for a while because similar poles that used to force traffic down to one lane where the north end of the ramp meets Disneyland Drive have been removed, thus allowing both north-bound lanes of traffic to now go through since there isn't any conflict with the traffic coming off of the ramp.

    I asked a CM why the ramp was closed and he acted like he didn't know anything about it. Being paranoid by nature, I usually get a little worried when they start acting like nothing is wrong when something clearly is.

    They usually close the ramp to allow cars to come into the park in the morning and reverse it in the evening .. no worries just normal!
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    Scary thought:

    What if terrorists used the garage as a target? Blow it up in the morning when most guests arrive....shudder!

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