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    Not sure, but we have a big mouse in town ;)

    Talking A Friday Night TR! 02.06.09 {No Pics}

    It started off one stormy night, not too long ago. As the rain came down fast and furiously, so did park attendance, leaving just... ME!

    Part 1

    Okay, so it wasn't just me, but you get the point. I arrived around 6pm. Of course it was pounding rain, and as we all know, people are scared of rain, so the park was empty, but was open until 11pm!

    So, the way I do my TR's (when I actually make them) is by breaking it down by attraction and then Miscellaneous Items because I don't remember what happened next, so jump on and here we go!

    Matterhorn Bobsleds
    Ah yes, what a wonderful ride! Itís so much better when the real wind is howling through the caverns and the rain hits your face as you're coming out of a tunnel. With the red light at the top, it looked like a volcano! I usually take the Fantasyland side because I like it better (I know, a Micechatter preferring the Fantasyland side... Blasphemy!), but alas it was CLOSED because they didn't have enough GUESTS to ride both sides!!! The TL side had no line the entire night and they were not running all 10 Bobsleds (I didn't catch the exact number). So much better at night and in the rain!

    Indiana Jones
    Another magnificent ride, and was much improved from last Fridays (Can you guess that I go every Friday?). Get this... NO LINE. The only place the line stopped was in front of the movie due to safety requirements. They were only running one side of the station! But again, I hopped right onto a Transport and I was off! The fury of Mara dried me out, and made it so I could finally feel my hands again. All of the effects seemed to be working, including the rolling ball chamber which was broken last week, except for one: the Chamber of Destiny. It was stuck in one position, and you always went through the center door, but the light was not on the idols so I didn't really make too big of a difference.

    Disneyland RR
    I only rode about half the line this time, from NOS to ToonTown Depot. It was peaceful, but the sound in the Excursion Cars was pretty bad. It's always a great trip around the ROA though!

    Splash Mountain
    It was a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah ride through the beautiful Splash Mountain. I got more wet from the rain than I did from it! It was dead. I had the entire log to myself and both the log in front of me and behind me were empty (which gave me ample opportunity to scream and sing the lyrics to the songs without complete embarrassment!). I passed through the station 2 times for a total of 3 trips in a row.

    Space Mountain
    Oh, so this is where everyone went! Yeah, I actually Fp'd this because it had a 35 minute wait. The ride was no different than usual.

    No line whatsoever. I liked the original better, but itís still a good ride. I mean, name another place where you go into a Submarine for a trip as a civilian. It's so much different with the rain hitting the surface of the water above. Hey Captain, this time, there actually is a surface storm! Dive! Dive!

    Disneyland Monorail System
    They were only running Monorail Red. I think this was because there just wasn't the need for Blue to come out. The little vents in the roof have flap that come down to cover them in the rain. I know we have since moved on to complaining about IASW, and that will be my finale to this TR, but the monorails are still so problematic. Leave the heating/ cooling issues aside for a moment. Look at the flooring and the seats; its all plastic!!! What happens when plastic gets wet? It gets slippery! (Disney, you may want to listen here... itís a bigger liability then having someone stick there arm out a window). When it's slippery, what do people do? They slip! There were people slipping all over that monorail. When people fall, they sue, and this time, it really is Disney's fault, and I don't say that often.

    Casey Jr.
    I went on, as the only person on the train. It looked like I had been the only person on it in a while, too. Seemed a bit slower, too. It's always a fun ride.

    Peter Pan's Flight
    It's been ages since I've been on that ride! It was a walk-on, so I couldn't pass it up! A great, classic, Disney ride!

    Short wait, but I wasn't really feeling it... I know, I'll do Splash in the rain, but not Autopia...

    Closed due to rain

    Closed due to rain

    Still to come... My wonderful CM experience, more Fantasyland rides, BTMRR, Pirates, JC, and more!

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    Re: A Friday Night TR! 02.06.09 {No Pics}

    Sounds good.

    We enjoy the Park in the rain. We've been known to head on over during a rainy day just to enjoy it under different circumstances.

    The bonus: No crowds!

    The Park doesn't HAVE to be sunny and 80 degree's to be enjoyed!

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