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    Re: Big Thunder Rocks

    Quote Originally Posted by Vasooki View Post
    That was the only part of CSI I ever watched.

    He murdered who ever he sculpted and left it at the secne of the crime. I remember the old lady he did that too.

    /end the off topic-ness.

    Wait, are the rocks where those turkeys are? I'm confused as to where they are.

    Or are those where the old tunnels are? Or are they part of the screnery when you ride BTMRR.

    I want to see them when I go...
    I think the turkey are where the mesas/buttes are at, I think they have a shed between them. And they have goats....pooing on the rocks disrespectful. Someone should teach them a lesson by sticking some dynamite in their mouth!

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    Cool Re: Big Thunder Rocks

    Trippy, man. That is so weird.

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    Re: Big Thunder Rocks

    Great work on that model. Wow.

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    Re: Big Thunder Rocks

    Nautilus... you make me SICK!

    Really, that original model is awesome, love the exposed fly-wheels and gears and all. Way cool. If you don't mind, I'm coming over to poke around your models for a while... well, no, not really as I live a long way away. But man I wish I could.

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    Re: Big Thunder Rocks

    Loved the videos. Fascinating watching the time lapse. Really great work. Thank you for sharing.

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