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    Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin queue... Faces?

    I was at DLR today, and went on the Roger Rabbit cartoon spin for the first time. Not my favorite ride, but this dislike was probably due to my wait time. The sign outside said 10 min, so I was expecting a relatively short wait that turned into about 30 min. at least the maze of a queue was interesting. I even got this question out of it!

    I was wondering, has anyone noticed any of the faces in the queue?
    they seemed to be popping up everywhere!

    a quick camera-phone shot... i think my friend and I decided this one had a mustache

    there were several variations throughout the line. As I have not seen the movie since I was younger, it might just be a theme from the movie I'm missing. And even as I think about it, there were two similar faces within the ride as well.

    this just seemed like a funny thing that would be written about already, but I couldn't seem to find it. this is probably due to my utter n00b status here

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    Re: Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin queue... Faces?

    Definitely noticed faces in the attraction. And throughout Toon Town as well!

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    Re: Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin queue... Faces?

    In Toon Town, NOTHING is inanimate. Buildings, mailboxes, furnaces . . . you name it, it's got a face.

    Oh, and they're all watching you . . . all the time.

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    Re: Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin queue... Faces?

    Just as in the movie, inanimate objects have personality and life as well, hence the faces. Great job noticing it, not everyone does. I love that queue... it's one of my favorites.

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