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We did this with our 2 oldest kids (now 20 and 23) from the time they were 8 and 10, they dont live with us anymore, but whenever we talk about going to DL they mostly roll their eyes and refer to the park like "yeah my dad took us their all the time, I've been there a million times" we even kept up with their passes after they moved out. they didnt use them once.
Nice to read your memory and I hope for my younger kids 10-12 that they will look back like you do.
I have said many things in over-dramatized fashion to my parents about traditions and childhood memories for the sake of being funny, hamming it up, sarcasm, feigned disgust and misery at "being forced to go there", etc that I never meant at all.

Trust me when I say that we all treasure our childhoods deeply. Your kids love and appreciate those memories more than you (and they, for many years to come, most likely) will ever know.