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Thread: Ariel's Grotto

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    Ariel's Grotto


    I have lots of questions.... (first time to disneyland).

    Our daughter is really into princess and we would like to get to see some princes characters, it seems like from all the reading i have seen that they are hard to see.

    Is Ariel's Grotto in the park, and if so do you need a ticket.

    We are arriving on a Friday afternoon and were hoping to do Ariel's grotto, what times does it open and when is a better time to go. The rest of our group will be arriving late Sat, so we thought we would do this with out them as our daughter is the only girl out of 10 kids.

    Any info on this and other princess stuff would be great

    from Canada

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    First thing when you enter Disneyland, go to City Hall (will be on your left) and ask them when and where the princesses will be during the day. I have seen more and more photos of them out and about in the park lately.

    Ariel's Grotto is at California Adventure. Your admission to the park lets you go there so no additional ticket is needed. It is a restaurant (character dining) where the princesses come around to your table.
    Here is the most recent menu.

    There was an Ariel's Grotto in Disneyland, but it was converted last year to be the TInkerbell Meet-n-Greet location. Ariel can now only be found in her human form until her ride opens in DCA in the future.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    Eating at Ariel's Grotto is pricey, but the food is not terrible . We just had dinner there for 5 this last weekend, and I don't know if you have AAA or not but we purchased a package that had 5 vouchers for Ariel's Grotto through AAA and it took care of tax and gratuity, which they add. It saved us roughly 50 bucks over what the bill came to. It was $31.80 per person versus a $200 bill. The princesses all showed up to dinner one by one and were announced as if they were showing up to a ball. They go to each table and spend a good ammount of time with each child, so I can see the value for people that want some good face time with the princesses. We were all adults so we didn't take a lot of the princesses time, but we did get some pictures. It was fun, but for the money I'd rather eat at the Blue Bayou, or head down Harbor and hit Ruth's Chris.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    We took our daughter there last year and she loved it. The personal experience was amazing. The food was okay. Not terrible but not amazing either. But we figured that we weren't ther for the food but rather for the princesses. BTW my daughter was 7 at the time. She completely loved it and I have the picture with her and Cinderella on my wallpaper for my computer. I completely recommend it. Especially since she is gonna be the only girl for a few days. She needs the extra attention and girlyness.

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    Ariel's Grotto is great for interactions with the Disney Princesses, they are also usually out and about in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and also at the Princess Fantasy Faire over in Fantasyland.

    While they no longer do the coronation ceremony mini-show there, they still do meet and greets there as well.
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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    I never understood why they serve sea food at ariel's grotto.

    Do they have flounder?

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    Re: Ariel's Grotto

    I went to Ariel's Grotto for the first time 2 weeks ago. It was really fun. I haven't met Princesses like that since I was about 4, so it was really nice! The food was also pretty darn good...I had the tri tip and the mashed potatoes are amazing! They also have really good vegetables...and I LOOOOOVED the dessert...We ordered seconds. Really fun time.
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