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    Post Mickey Mart West Coast

    For those of you that have been to the Florida Parks you have probably stumbled across "Mickey Mart" in Downtown Disney Market Place.

    A store Where everything is under $10. I was thinking with the way the economy has been going, Disney would think of putting one into our struggling Downtown Disney District.

    Would It Work? If not, why?

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    Re: Mickey Mart West Coast

    What do they sell?
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    Re: Mickey Mart West Coast

    I saw a warehouse store in OC a few months ago, across from a Sonic Burger. I'll try to find it from memory....

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    Re: Mickey Mart West Coast

    It seems to be all the merchandise throughout the parks that costs $10 or less. Well, maybe not ALL the merch, but usually the same stuff you can get at the parks.
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    Re: Mickey Mart West Coast

    I havent paid attention to it lately but there was (is?) a Disney outlet store in Fullerton near the intersection of Lemon (I think) and Orangethorpe.
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