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    CHOC Walk - Annual Passholders?

    Last year when I did the CHOC Walk, I registered through the CHOC website.

    When I got there, there were two lines and two kinds of T-Shirts you could get (with the proper amount of donations). One was the one from CHOC and the other I was told was "if you were an Annual Passholder and registered through them" They were the VoluntEARS shirts.

    I am an AP, but don't see anything an the Disney site about joining/registering.

    I see on the VoluntEARS website about how AP's "joined them" in the walk for last year, but nothing for this year.

    Does anyone know how to join the VoluntEARS group and walk with them?


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    Re: CHOC Walk - Annual Passholders?

    I don't know but I'd appreciate info as well. I'm trying to scrape money together to go!

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    Re: CHOC Walk - Annual Passholders?

    it was my understanding that the voluntears were cast members...

    i believe to walk you need to raise at least $25... i am pledging at least $75 this year, either getting donations from friends or outta my pocket...

    as far as registering as a voluntear.....this is from the disney voluntears website....

    In 1983, Disney Cast employees expressed a desire to provide meaningful service to the community which resulted in the Disneyland Community Action Team (DCAT). This dedicated group of Disneyland Cast Members assisted many non-profit organizations in Orange County, Calif.

    Due to the positive response generated by the DCAT, the Disney VoluntEARS program was rolled out company-wide in 1992. Today, Disney VoluntEARS work on meaningful projects across the globe, with a primary focus on communities where Disney businesses operate. In 2004, Disney VoluntEARS donated more than 460,000 hours of their personal time and participated in more than 1,852 volunteer projects.
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