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    Re: is this good to do? A Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour

    I highly recommend it! My Bfrnd and I just took the tour over Valentines weekend. though I've been life long Disneyland passholder my bfrnd has only been a few times in his life. It was just over 3 hours but it goes by so fast. It is very informative, loved listening to Mr. Walt Disney himself and you really get a sense of 'Why' Disneyland is so special.

    Hope you enjoy the tour!!!

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    Re: is this good to do? A Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour

    Quote Originally Posted by sarki7 View Post
    I wonder if there's ever been any serious thought given to offering a more behind-the-scenes tour at Disneyland. I realize the logistical issues involved in this, but anything even something a fraction of the Backstage Magic from WDW would be great. I would think that the serious profit potential and popularity among guests would be hard to ignore.
    Back in the early 90's they actually did offer behind the scenes tours at DL. If I'm not mistaken they were abruptly haulted 10 days after they began, but not before we where able to go on both of them.

    The tours were WONDERFUL. We not only went back stage to the Round House, costuming, etc., we also got to go up in the Space Mountain control booth, a full circle ride on the LB, and got a behind the scenes look at HM. We were given pass ports and after we went to an area they were stamped by our guide to show we had completed that leg of the tour. The first tour there were only 6 of us ( 4 were my family) and the 2nd tour we had all to ourselves. Each tour was fairly lengthy, I think they were around 4 or more hours each. I don't remember the cost but I know children under a certain age (don't recall the age) were not allowed.

    The pass ports we got from this tour are some of my most prized DL possesions.


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    Re: is this good to do? A Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour

    Interesting, that sounds cool, and like a mini-Backstage Magic experience. I'm quite surprised this is something to resort hasn't made a more serious effort to cash in on. It seems like a relatively easy way to create some revenue.

    And, you know, it would be awesome to see. <- Go there, it's good!

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    Re: is this good to do? A Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour

    We just took this tour on Monday (May 11,2009) and I have to say that as a collector of Disney trivia, I was a bit disappointed. Most of the info was pretty "Disney History 101" which is very cool if you don't know it already, but if you read fan sites (like this one!) you probably know a lot of it already. The biggest draw of this tour, I would guess, is going inside Club 33 (everyone was excitedly snapping pictures and posing in the elevator). But I have access to the club so it wasn't as important to me, personally, and because it was a rushed get in/get out visit, if that's all you want to see, you might be disappointed. I would have rather seen some behind-the-scenes stuff like Walt's apartment on Main Street and what they've done with the Dream Suite, what the cast member areas look like or Space Mountain with the lights on -- you know, stuff that you could never see any other way. The tours are now delivered via headphones, which made hearing the guide easier and there are audio clips of Walt sprinkled in, which (I hear) is an improvement over the previous version of the tour, but no new stops have been added in the past couple of years. And most of the info focuses on the early days of the park, which is interesting, but I'd like to hear more about what's happening now and what's coming up.

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