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    Year of a million dreams

    So last year my girl friend were in DL on a 5 day PH, and our last day we only had about 3 hours in the park. We rode BTMR and after the ride as we exited a cast member was standind at the exit. He told us we won a prize and gace us an extra hour in the park after normal hours. We were on our way home so we didn't get to attend It look just like a Dream fast pass. Anyone know what that extra hour is like???

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    Not sure, but we have a big mouse in town ;)

    Re: Year of a million dreams

    They corral you at the Big Thunder Ranch until the park clears out, and then give you and the other people (2,000 I think) an extra hour in the park with some but not all attractions open.

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    Re: Year of a million dreams

    I think I'd rather go home, lol.

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    Re: Year of a million dreams

    That's awesome. I got a Dream FP before, but I would've preferred an extra hour in the park.

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    Re: Year of a million dreams

    I got dream FPs on the Big Thunder Trail on the last day of one of my DL trips. I would not have used it anyways- it's a fun memento!
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