While visiting the Disneyland park yesterday for my friends birthday, we came across a cast member who had a particular interest in us - I had asked him at the entrance where we can enter for stand-by because only the fast pass sign was up and he was kind and pointed to the correct line. Next he wished my friend a happy birthday and gave her a hi-5. This is when things started getting weird, he followed us all through the line talking and acting kind of strange. When we got to the place before they tell you to go to the right or the left - he stopped us and was talking and then let my friend go into the left hand side and asked me for my phone number. That's unacceptable and creepy, I'm not exactly sure what his deal was with the line-following but I declined his request for my number and he let me go ahead and follow my friend. There were about 4 families ahead of us and he appeared in one of the holes looking at us below him - now things were getting creepy. Luckily, the line continued to go and we were able to get on the ride....unluckily he was at the exit (near the photos) waiting for us - as soon as he saw us he came up and started signing. It was one of the strangest things I've ever had happen to me at Disneyland.