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Thread: disneyland bday

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    disneyland bday

    my friend wants to go to DL on his birthday but he cant go until the day after his birthday is there a way to still get in free for his birthday but the day after his actual birthday

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    Re: disneyland bday

    Not unless he can go to federal court and get a Judge to change his official birthday to the next day - including changing the official birth certificate. And he then has to get the DMV, US Department of State, and Social Security to sign off on it and reissue the various forms of ID...

    The offer is for on your birthday as listed on official government issued photo ID such as a current and valid State Driver's License or current and valid Passport. Period, End of discussion.

    If he can't get off work or out of school, he'll have to settle for going later in the day and making an afternoon/evening out of it. The next day is going to be full pop.

    As far as I know, the ONLY people who could pull off a date swap on the Disneyland fine print were those people born on February 29th, because it's not a leap year this year - they had their choice of Feb 28th or Mar 1st, whichever worked out better for them.

    Sorry, but them's the breaks. (sic)

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