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    The Final First 50 Magical Years

    Well I went to Disneyland like every Sunday I go and we were about to leave when I heard,"The LAST show will be TONIGHT of the FIRST 50 MAGICAL YEARS JUST TWO MORE SHOWS LAST SHOW WILL BE AT MIDNIGHT DOORS WILL CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT. well I went and took pictures but not of the actual show but his one was an emotional one. Ill be posting them up soon there was a crowd of people and is the one show of all the times I have seen it that I wont forget. bye bye Fist 50 Magical Years Ill miss you!!!! But I cant wait to Celebrate with the new Parade and Fireworks also the new show that will fill the opera house

    the final people running in gotta get in

    the final crowd

    Doors closing at 11:59 pm

    awaiting the right moment to see its final show

    Well that is it and we left oh wait i have to get the 50 ears

    Well thats it we had to go it was late very late
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    Re: The Final First 50 Magical Years

    Don't know if you've heard, but good ol' Honest Abe Lincoln is returning to the Opera House.

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    Re: The Final First 50 Magical Years

    I was there!

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    Re: The Final First 50 Magical Years

    oh oh, i see me!
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    Re: The Final First 50 Magical Years

    Whoops! I missed it. Oh well, when Abe comes back I'll be able to watch this in the waiting room.

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    Re: The Final First 50 Magical Years

    I saw the show twice on Saturday night - it was amazing, I'm definitely glad I got to see the movie. It was nice since there was only 10 people in the theater including myself.
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